Mayor’s Cup RACE INFO
Mayor’s Cup Race Information 2015
2015 Mayor’s Cup
200 mile cross country race

Saturday, March 14, 2015
Valdez, Alaska
Valdez pipeyard behind Mark’s Repair
Location: To be determined

9:30 – 10:15 am - TECH inspection
10:15 am - Racers meeting 
10:30 am – National Anthem
10:35 – 10:50 am - Warm-ups (will take place in Pipeyard only)  
10:50 – 10:59 am- Line up for Start.
11:00 am – Start of Race

Six Classes Available:
Pro Class: 9 Laps, Approx. 198 Miles
 Semi-pro Class: 7 Laps, Approx. 154 Miles
 Vet Class: 4 Laps, Approx. 88 Miles
Womens Class: 4 Laps, Approx 88 Miles
Junior Trophy Class (Ages 14-17): 2 Laps, approx 44 Miles
Vintage (springers) - 2 laps, approx 44 miles 

Vintage rules will follow Mat-Su Vintage Snowmachine Club rules. Please contact them with questions

The race course will be similar if not identical to last year’s race dependent upon river and lake conditions. The Valdez Snowmachine Club reserves the right to change the course for safety issues. Club_Albums/Pages/Mayors_Cup_2011.htmlshapeimage_3_link_0
Click HERE for Mayor’s Cup Photo AlbumsClub_Albums/Pages/Mayors_Cup_2011.htmlClub_Albums/Club_Albums.htmlshapeimage_5_link_0

If you have some great photos from the Mayor’s Cup send them our way! We’d love to add your photo to our facebook page and website! Thank you for a great race!

2014 Valdez Mayor’s Cup

Cross Country Race


Pre-Race checklist:

  1. 1. Engine cannot exceed 600cc (two-stroke) or 1050cc (four-stroke).

  2. 2.Each racer is REQUIRED to have an ISR identification number to race and present it at registration. You can get one for free at

    If you don’t have a number and you will be DQ’d.

  1. 3. NO alcohol in the pits. Racer will be DQ’d

  2. 4.Bib number same as sled number. Each racer will have their number clearly visible on the back of their torso. The sled numbers must be displayed on each side of the machine. Sled numbers shall be clearly visible and be a minimum of 6” tall. Racers whose sled numbers do not match their bib numbers will be DQ’d.

  3. 5.Lights – A functioning headlight, tail light and brake light are required in all classes. Glass lenses will need to be taped.

  4. 6.Operational tether switch and cord.

  5. 7.Functional and operational safety shutoff (kill) switch is required.

  6. 8.Windshield intact.

  7. 9.Hood secured.

  8. 10.Snow flaps must be present and securely attached to the tunnel.

  9. 11. Ski-loop must meet ISR criteria.

  10. 12. Driver and crewman allowed in the Pit.

  11. 13.Every racer is required to have a 5lb ABC fire extinguisher.

  12. 14. Safety gear - DOT/Snell approved helmet, eye protection, shin/knee guards, upper  body protection – Tek-Vest or approved equivalent (no plastic MX roost protectors).

  13. 15. NO FUNNELS WILL BE ALLOWED. Fuel is to be dispensed into the snowmachine gas tank using a spout or hose attached to the fuel can.

  14. 16. Fuel can – Dry break and/or quick fill systems will not be allowed. This includes production systems as well as homemade gravity fill systems. Fueling will only be allowed using a 5 gallon (maximum size) fuel can equipped with a hose or spout. Engines may be left running during the fill up. Check out the USXC website and page 12 of their rule book . This general style of fuel can works well for dispensing fuel quickly and safely.

  15. 17. The ISR rule on OEM fuels tanks is waived. Racers can run oversized tanks or auxiliary tanks but keep in mind the course is very rough and the extra weight will likely be a detriment.      

  The race will follow ISR Rules and Regulations: General Competition Rules, Verification   & Control, Driver Protective Equipment

For the most current info on the mayor’s cup please check our facebook page

Click here for printable 2014 Mayor’s Cup results.

2014 Mayors Cup Race results.xlsxMayors_Cup_files/2014%20Mayors%20Cup%20Race%20results.xlsxMayors_Cup_files/2014%20Mayors%20Cup%20Race%20results.xlsxMayors_Cup_files/2014%20Mayors%20Cup%20Race%20results.xlsx